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Teen Checking Account

Our Teen Checking account is available to students 12 – 17. These accounts are completely FREE and include many convenient services for that busy student:

  • Free Debit card with surcharge free access at all PNC and CU$ ATM machines
  • 24/7 access through OMEGA’s Digital Banking
  • No monthly service fees
  • No Minimum balance requirements
  • Ability to link account on-line to parent/guardian account to monitor/transfer funds
  • A’s Pay Program Eligible
  • Remarkable Rewards Debit Card

This account is similar to our Youth Account but starts to transition the account holder to handle their finances independently. Account statements are mailed quarterly or monthly with an active checking and there are no monthly service fees.

Teen Advantage Savings members are eligible for ATM and Debit cards.  Both the ATM and debit card offer Surcharge Free ATM access at all PNC and CU$ networks.  A parent or legal guardian must be joint owner on this account.

As teens are more tech-savvy, Free online banking, e-Statements and mobile banking might be a good addition to this account. To apply for the Teen Account fill out the OMEGA membership application print it out then mail it in or drop it off in person, still have a fax machine then fax it to 412-369-3875, or email you can fill out the app and save it to your desktop then send it to us at: ofcumembers@omegafcu.com

*At age 18, Teen Advantage Accounts are transferred to the regular membership account.

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