Who can join?

You are eligible to join OMEGA Federal Credit Union if you live, work, worship or go to school in entire city of Pittsburgh and the region of Allegheny County North of I-376* that is described in greater detail below.

You are also eligible if you are employed by one of our Business Partner Groups located in the community we serve. For a listing of our Business Partner Groups, click here.

Membership is also open to immediate family members of current OMEGA members, as well as persons who live in the same residence and maintain a single economic unit with a current OMEGA member.




*Starting at the northeastern most part of Allegheny County where it meets the Allegheny River, proceed south along the         Allegheny County/Westmoreland County line to Interstate 76.  Proceed northwest on Interstate 76 to Interstate 376.      Proceed west on Interstate 376 to the city of Pittsburgh.  In the city of Pittsburgh, proceed to the point where the western most portion of the city meets the Interstate 376.  Proceed northwest on Interstate 376 to Airport Parkway. Proceed northwest on Airport Parkway to Beaver Valley Expressway.  Proceed northwest on Beaver Valley Expressway to Interstate 376. Proceed northwest on Interstate 376 to the Allegheny County/Beaver County line. Proceed northeast along the Allegheny County/Beaver County line to the Allegheny County/Butler county line. Proceed east along the Allegheny County/Butler County line to the Allegheny County/Westmoreland County line at the Allegheny River, the starting point.


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