Account Disclosures

Truth in Savings Disclosure

The Truth in Savings Disclosure provides detailed information about the various deposit accounts at OMEGA and information related to interest calculations, minimum opening deposits, our fee schedule, and other noteworthy items about your account.

To view OMEGA’s Truth in Savings Disclosure, Click Here.

Funds Availability Policy Disclosure

The Funds Availability Policy Disclosure describes in detail your ability to withdraw funds at OMEGA.

To view OMEGA’s Funds Availability Policy Disclosure, Click Here.

Electronic Fund Transfers Agreement and Disclosure

The Electronic Fund Transfers Agreement and Disclosure is a contract which covers your and OMEGA’s rights and responsibility concerning the electronic transfers (EFT) services offered to you by OMEGA.

To view OMEGA’s Electronic Funds Transfers Agreement and Disclosure, Click Here

Fee Schedule

Our Fee Schedule provides information about the various fees that our members may be charged

To view OMEGA’s Fee Schedule, Click Here

Your Insured Funds

Funds in your OMEGA Federal Credit Union account are insured by the NCUA

To view the NCUA’s latest publication in regards to how your funds are insured, Click Here

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