Your Funds Are Safe

All Member deposits are federally insured through the NCUSIF (National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund) backed by the full-faith and credit of the United States government up to at least $250,000. Some retirement accounts are also insured for an additional amount up to $250,000. More information about the NCUSIF and a calculator where you can estimate your insurance coverage on your account are available on the NCUA’s website at


Overdraft Privilege

We’re human. We make mistakes. At one time or another, we’ve all miscalculated how much money we have in our checking account. At OMEGA FCU, we offer Overdraft Protection that can help you when life gets in the way.

If you have the money in your savings account, we’ll transfer it to your checking to cover the incoming transaction for a fee of $5.00. This is the first line of attack to cover an incoming item. If the funds are not available, Overdraft Privilege is the next step.

Overdraft Privilege provides a cushion that may permit you to overdraft your account up to a specified limit assigned by OMEGA FCU. This will eliminate the extra expense and embarrassment of having a check returned.

Overdraft Privilege is a non-contractual program that requires no action on your part. You do not have to sign any agreements or other paperwork and this program will be extended to you as long as you are able to keep your account in good standing. Each transaction that we honor will be applied an overdraft fee. This fee is less than the normal insufficient fund fee and you will avoid the hassle of a returned check to deal with, plus a possible additional fee from the merchant returning the item. We’ll then send you notification each time your account is overdrawn, and you will also receive periodic reminders if your account is not returned to good standing.

Please note that you must opt-in to overdraft privilege coverage for ATM withdrawals and for single debit card transactions. To opt-in for this additional coverage, call us at 412-369-3800.

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