Debit Cards

Remarkable Rewards Debit Card

Need to activate your New OMEGA Debit Card please do so following the included mailers info. After you have activated the card, you will have to set your card’s PIN.

To set up your PIN Call 1-888-886-0083

  • You will be prompted to enter full card number
  • Two-digit birth month and two-digit birth years ex.(01/88)
  • Last 4 of social
  • 5 digit zip code

Our VISA Debit Cards have you covered when you are on the go and purchasing all the things you need. Use your OMEGA FCU Debit Card to pay for goods and services wherever the VISA logo is displayed. The OMEGA Remarkable Rewards Debit Card can earn 1 Point for every $2 you spend on Debit Card purchases!

is accepted at stores, online, and over the phone. You can also access your money surcharge-free at PNC Bank or CU$ ATMs. At ATMs, you can use your Debit Card to make deposits, withdrawals, transfers and check balances.

Enjoy easy and on-the-go management of your credit and debit card with the OmegaFCU Card Guard app from OMEGA!

This app offers a convenient way to:
• View recent and pending transactions.
• View account details.
• Make a payment to your credit cards.
• Report your card lost or stolen.
• Raise a dispute on a transaction.
• Set alerts and controls, including ability to turn cards off and on
• Set travel notifications.
Card registration is cinch from any mobile device, and access is secure and protected by multi-factor authentication.
Go to your App store and search: OmegaFCU Card Guard


Just be sure to use a surcharge free ATM to avoid those pesky fees. We have partnered with PNC locally so that our members can use their ATMs for no charge.

Locate PNC bank ATM locations
Locate CU$ ATM locations

Additional benefits of your OMEGA FCU Debit Card:

  • Easy to use – more readily accepted than checks (especially out of state or in another country).
  • Great for travel – No need to carry large amounts of cash.
  • No monthly Point-of-Sale transaction fees.
  • Complete transaction record with your combined monthly statement.
  • Option to select your own ATM PIN (Personal Identification Number).

For 24hr cardholder service or if lost/stolen Debit Card: 1-866-643-9005


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