Captain Buck’s Kids Club


Captain Buck wants you to became a ‘Pi-radical’ member of his crew! Open your Kid’s Club Account today and learn to start saving your coins! When you open you account you’ll get all kinds of treasure including a punch card that once you complete you will receive a $10 deposit.

Click here to download a Membership Application

A’s Pays Program!

Send us a copy of a report card with at least one “A” during the school year and they will receive one time $10.00 deposit into their account. (Applies to students in Kindergarten to 12th Grade)

Bring in a copy of the report card or Fax it to: 412-369-3828, or email it to

*At age 18, Teen Advantage Accounts are transferred to the regular membership account. If your child’s school does not use the “A’s” grading system we gladly accept any report card showing us that your child is doing their best.

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