OMEGA FCU Debit and ATM cards (No Fee)

OMEGA FCU offers both ATM cards and Debit cards to our members. Which card is best for you?

ATM cards are linked to a savings account only and are for withdrawing money from an ATM machine. The debit card is linked to both a savings and a free checking account at OMEGA FCU. Debit cards are used to make purchases as well as withdrawals.

OMEGA FCU debit and ATM cards can be used any PNC Bank ATM machine surcharge free. Accounts can also be accessed through any Accel-Exchange network machine or internationally through any CIRRUS machine.

So why carry an OMEGA FCU Debit Card? Convenience! It’s faster and easier than writing checks, safer than carrying cash, provides easy record keeping with a detailed statement, and it’s accepted where checks are not.

An OMEGA FCU Debit Card is different than a credit card. Purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account. Your OMEGA FCU Debit Card also doubles as an ATM Card. ATM transactions are free and unlimited at all PNC Bank ATM locations

There are no fees for point of sale transactions or PNC bank ATM withdrawals.

  • Make purchases at any merchant that accepts VISA
  • Make purchases over the telephone
  • Make purchases via the Internet
  • Obtain cash from ATMs (Free at all PNC Bank ATMs)

To order and OMEGA FCU Debit or ATM card, please call 412-369-3800.

Locate PNC bank ATM locations
Locate CU$ ATM locations

To report an ATM or Debit card as lost or stolen, please call 1-866-604-8187.

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