Wexford Branch Progress Report

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Our construction team has been working hard on both the interior and the exterior of the Wexford branch. As you can see from these pictures, they are working on framing the inside of the building. Our design team has been busy too getting everything for the interior chosen. It is still our hope that our new branch will open in the summer of 2018.

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We started construction on the outside of the building in early December with the interior work beginning in January. We are working on the drywall and getting the outside of the building ready for the final items.

We anticipate the interior work being completed before the end of April. Once the outside is completed we will begin the finishing work on the interior, followed by installation of the furniture and equipment.

Finally, we will complete the project with landscaping and a new parking lot.

2/28/18 Our construction team is moving right along. The drywall is in and they have started painting and installing the flooring. Cabinets are being assembled and installed and the new office furniture will be delivered in the next few weeks

3/15/18 As you can see construction is really moving along and they are making progress. The sign pillars are now complete and they have poured the concrete for the entrance. The walls are being painted and the cabinets are being installed. New parking lot coming soon. It’s looking good!


4/24/18 It’s almost ready! The parking lot is in and our new office is almost complete. We were able to show it off to some of our members at our annual meeting on 4/19. As you can see from the photos below the flooring is in and everything is painted. Just a few more finishing touches and it will be good to go!

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