System Conversion 2021

Dear Members:

We are getting prepared for our core system conversion which will take place in a few short weeks. This conversion is going to bring an exciting change for all of you, and it will greatly improve your banking

experience. However, we want to make you aware that some of our services will be temporarily unavailable during our conversion period beginning on Sunday, October 31st. 

Please keep this guide handy during our conversion period so that you can refer to it if any questions arise. Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions, a schedule of branch closures, and expected service interruptions during the conversion period.

We appreciate your patience during this time and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. It is our mission to ensure that service interruptions as a result of this process are kept to a minimum; however some services will be limited or unavailable as we convert to our new system. Please know that we value your membership and appreciate the trust that you place in us every day.

Sincerely Yours,

Troy Garvin, 

President and CEO

Will Change

On-line Banking- Our current on-line banking system will go through an upgrade as part of our core system conversion. Your access to our current on-line banking system and our mobile banking app will be limited and/or unavailable beginning Sunday, October 31st.

On-line Banking log on information- Please note that your current on-line banking log on ID and password will grant you access to our new on-line banking system once it becomes available; however, if your current log on ID for on-line banking begins with a number, contains a special character, or is longer than 20 characters, we will not be able to convert your account over. Please be sure to check your current log in ID prior to conversion to make sure that it starts with a letter, does not contain a special character and is fewer than 20 characters. 

MOH Phone Teller- The menu options for our telephone banking system will change. Please listen carefully when you call in after the conversion has taken place.

Debit Card Numbers- Your new OMEGA FCU debit card (arriving mid October) will have a new account number and when you call to activate it, you will have the ability to set a PIN number for your card. Please make sure to switch any automatic payments to your new card number. Debit cards will have reduced limits from October 31st – November 2nd.

E-Statements- The site that our current on-line banking uses to access your E-Statements will be unavailable after our current system is taken down on October 31st. If you need your E-Statements, you will want to log into your current account prior to October 31st to either save or print your E-Statements.

Will Not Change

Website- Our website will NOT change.

Checks- Your current checks and our routing number will remain the same. Please continue to use your current checks.

On-line Bill Pay- While your on-line bill pay account will be getting a new look and design, your current merchant accounts and scheduled payments will NOT change. However, your Bill Pay will be removed from your current on-line banking at 9:00 am on Monday, October 25th. Any bill payments that you need to pay will need to be scheduled prior to this date. After the conversion, your merchants will be available within our new on-line banking site.

Why are we converting our core processing system?

Your banking experience is important to us, and this upgrade is necessary so that we can provide you with the highest level of service possible.

Will my account number change?

No, your account number will remain the same.

How will this conversion impact direct deposits and automatic withdrawals?

All direct deposits and automatic withdrawals will process normally through Friday, October 29th. You may notice a minor delay on direct deposits and automatic withdrawals posting on Monday,  November 1st and Tuesday, November 2nd. 

Will my OMEGA FCU VISA Credit Card work during the conversion process?

Your OMEGA VISA Credit Card will not be affected during the conversion process. All transactions on your credit card will process normally and without interruption.

Will I be getting a new debit card?

Yes, if you have a current OMEGA FCU Debit Card, you will be getting a new OMEGA FCU Debit Card in the mail the week of October 18th. There will be instructions included with the card on how to activate it. The last day your current debit card will work is Sunday, October 31st.

Will my current on-line banking service and mobile app be available during the conversion process?

No, our current on-line banking site and mobile banking app will not be available after October 31st. Once the conversion is complete and we get the okay to bring the site back up we will do so as soon as possible but no later than Wednesday, November 3rd. We will update our website and send an e-mail to let you know when your accounts will be able to be accessed again via these on-line channels. 

What if I have questions during the conversion process?

Even though our branches will be closed on November 1st and 2nd, our staff will be available to answer any questions that you may have, simply give us a call at 412-369-3800 from 8am – 4:30pm or e-mail us at:

EXTRA CASH- To avoid any purchasing inconvenience we recommend withdrawing some extra cash before Saturday, October 30th by 4pm at the credit union or at an ATM machine. For your convenience our North Hills and Wexford branches will be open from 8am – 4pm on Saturday, October 30th.

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