Stop Fraud

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At OMEGA FCU, we have seen a record amount of debit card fraud in the past few months and want to help our members do everything that they can to prevent it. The best tool that we offer to stop debit card fraud is Card Valet. Card Valet allows you to turn your card “off” if it is misplaced or stolen, set spending controls for merchant categories and geographic locations, and much more. This app is the best tool that we offer to “out smart” the fraudsters and we encourage all of our debit card holders to take advantage of this great product.

So take control and safeguard your debit card today! Download “Card Valet” within the App Store of your Apple IOS or Google Android device

For more information about the Debit Card Valet Mobile App, Click Here or call 412-369-3800 x246 to speak with our fraud prevention specialist.

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