New Year – New Card

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New Year. New Card.Make a resolution to save money in 2013 and transfer your high rate credit cards to an OMEGA FCU Visa Card. Our card offers:

    • 4.99% APR* on Balance Transfers
    • Fantastic low interest rate!
    • No Annual Fees!
    • Excellent Member Service!
    • Plus coming soon: OMEGA FCU’s “U Choose” Rewards Program! This new rewards program is available to all OMEGA FCU Visa and Debit Card holders. You can
      earn points everywhere your card is accepted. Then, simply redeem your points for items of your choice from a huge online rewards catalog. It is that easy! Open your new Visa card today so you can start earning rewards
      when this new program becomes available very soon.

To apply, call 412-369-3800 or Click Here to apply online

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. The 4.99% balance transfer rate will revert to your standard variable rate after 11 billing cycles. Your standard variable rate is based on Prime Rate plus a margin which is determined by your credit worthiness. Balance transfer amounts may not exceed your credit limit. OMEGA FCU loans are not eligible for the promotional balance transfer rate. Rate is subject to change without notice. All approvals are subject to normal underwriting guidelines. Balance transfer fee may apply.

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