Money-$-Manager Makes Money Simple!

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Money Manager Add 'Simplify Your Life'

Money-$-Manager Makes Money Simple!

Our new online financial management tool, Money-$-Manager, will make it easier than ever to manage your household finances!

It is not uncommon for members to have a few different financial institutions. Wouldn’t it be great if you could track your personal finances from all of your accounts with one easy to use tool? That is the idea behind Money-$-Manager. Money-$-Manager lets you track all of your online banking accounts in one place – including the ones you have with us AND those you may have elsewhere. More than that, Money-$-Manager can help you track household income, expenses and financial goals….whether saving for a new vehicle, a great vacation, or working to pay down debts. This great new product is available through our home banking system, OMEGA@Home.

To learn more about Money-$-Manager, call us at 412-369-3800 or Click Here.

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