Our New On-line banking with enhanced Bill Pay now available

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Our New Bill Pay system is here, making it easier than ever to pay all your bills in one place-right from your OMEGA on-line banking account!

With our new enhanced Bill Pay service on-line banking users can:

  • Electronically pay hundreds of merchants. Utilities, credit cards and  loan payments can all be paid as easy as 1-2-3
  • Use PopMoney to pay people directly. Get funds to your babysitter, your landscaper, or pay your landlord all with just a few simple clicks
  • Get bills electronically delivered to your Bill Pay account so you always know when your payments are due
  • Initiate transfers to and from outside financial institutions
  • Make same day rush payments if necessary

Here’s how to get started:

Current Bill Pay users simply log into your OMEGA On-line banking account and click on the Bill Pay tab and agree to the updated terms and conditions.

New Bill Pay users *log into your On-line banking account and click on the Self Service tab. Under additional services choose Bill Pay and then follow the prompts to agree to the terms and conditions

*Members must have a checking account to sign up for Bill Pay. Don’t have a checking account with us, don’t worry! We can open one up for you right over the phone.

Please give us a call at 412-369-3800 or e-mail us at ofcumembers@omegafcu.com with any questions!

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