Digital Wallet

Add OMEGA to Your Digital Wallet

You can go to your phones Wallet app and add either your OMEGA Debit, Credit Card or Both to the wallet. You will have to do it by manually adding your card numbers and providing your cell phone number.

Apple App Store

The Apple Pay digital app is streamlined and available exclusively for users of iPhones, iPads, and Apple watches. It allows users to make transactions for both online and in-store purchases. For in-store transactions, users can unlock their phones and hold them near a compatible point of sale system. The Apple Pay app enables a seamless and secure way of payments, providing ease of experience.

Google Play Store

The Google Pay app enables users to make transactions on an app or any website using debit or credit card details saved to the users’ Google Account, Google Play, Chrome, YouTube, Android phones, and watches. The app also supports other electronic documents such as student ID, movie tickets, gift coupons, store cards, and transportation tickets.

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