Your NEW OMEGA Credit Card

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Your new OMEGA FCU VISA card is contact-less. You can swipe, insert, or simply tap or place your card near a contact-less terminal to complete transactions.

Here are your first steps when you get your new card:

Activate New Card: Call the number on the sticker to activate your new card beginning August 22, 2021

Destroy your old Card: The last day your old card will work is August 21, 2021 after this date destroy your old card.

SWITCH: Remember to switch automatic payments to your NEW card number.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will my interest rate change? No, your
rate and all card terms will remain the same.

Q. Will my payment due date change? Yes your
payment due date will now be on the 1st of each
month. You will still have a ten day grace period.

Q. Will I still be able to access my card statement
through my OMEGA on-line banking? No, access to
your card through OMEGA’s current on-line banking
system will not be immediately available. We will be
providing you with instructions to register your new
card for on-line access.

Q. Will my payment mailing address change?
Yes. P.O. Box 37603 Philadelphia, PA 19101-0603

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