Celebration CD special

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In recognition of our 80th anniversary we are proud to offer our first product spotlight of the year, our Celebration CD’s. Get a head start on saving money in 2020 with these great CD rates.

We are offering the following CD special rates:

1.80% APR* for a 12 month certificate of deposit

2.80% APR* for a 24 month certificate of deposit

Stop into one of our offices to get your Celebration CD or give us a call at 412-369-3815 and get your celebration started-your money will thank you!

*Promotional rates valid on 12 or 24 month certificates of deposit for new money only. $1,000 minimum deposit. Subject to penalty for early withdrawal. Offer subject to change at any time without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Advertised rates are the highest rates offered

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