Blood Sucking Credit Card

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Looking for a credit card that can do it all?

OMEGA Federal’s VISA Credit Card is that card and offers our members:

  • An excellent low interest rate
  • NO annual fees
  • 1.99% APR* balance transfers with no minimum transfer amount
  • Remarkable Rewards for 1 Point for every $1 you spend
  • Excellent member service backed by VISA
  • OMEGA’s Card Guard app for added security

For 24hr cardholder service or if lost/stolen card: 1-866-604-8187

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate. Your VISA card standard variable APR is based on Prime Rate plus a margin which is determined by your credit worthiness. Balance transfer amounts may not exceed your credit limit. OMEGA FCU loans are not eligible for promotional balance transfer rate. Rate is subject to change without notice. All approvals are subject to normal underwriting guidelines. 1.99% APR balance transfer rate will revert to your standard variable rate after 11 billing cycles.

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