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Let OMEGA help you with all those items on your list this Holiday season with our UChoose Rewards VISA and debit card! Shop for presents all while earning points that you can redeem for gift cards, travel, electronics, and even CASH BACK!

Most rewards programs have limited options for where you can shop and it can take forever for your points to accumulate. UChoose Rewards changes all of that.

OMEGA’s program offers you more ways to earn and more ways to redeem than any other program! You have even more earning power by linking your OMEGA UChoose Rewards Debit card with your OMEGA UChoose Rewards VISA Credit Card giving you more ways to get what U want!

Plus, our UChoose Rewards VISA card offers an APR on purchases as low as 10.99% and also offers a 1.99% balance transfer for 11 billing cycles with NO balance transfer fee!

So what are you waiting for, let us help U get rewarded this year with UChoose Rewards! Shop with your UChoose Rewards Debit or VISA card and earn points, it’s that simple! Plus you can open and use other select OMEGA services to earn even more points.

Ready to apply for your UChoose Rewards VISA card ? click here or give us a call at 412-369-3800

Click here to learn all the details about our UChoose Rewards Debit Card & VISA Credit Cards


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