September 2014

We offer Low Rates for Big Plans!

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It’s Time for Fall Home Improvements! At OMEGA FCU, we understand that just because a project needs done, doesn’t always mean you have the funds to cover the costs. Great news – We are here to help! OMEGA FCU’s home equity lines of credit and home equity installment loans are the perfect way to fund your home improvement projects or any other expenditure. Applying for the loan is simple and you will have the peace of mind knowing you are working with a credit union right in your neighborhood. We will help you find the best loan to suit your read more >

Make Holidays Less Exhausting

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It’s almost time for your holiday shopping and we have the perfect way to make it easy and stress free! Shop for all your holiday gifts using one low rate card – an OMEGA FCU UChoose Rewards VISA Card! Plus with each swipe of the card, you will earn valuable rewards! Our UChoose Rewards Program offers you more ways to earn and more ways to redeem that any other program. Simply use your UChoose Rewards VISA Card and/or UChoose Rewards Debit Card every time you shop and SIGN for your purchases to earn valuable rewards! Earn 1 point for every read more >